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  1. Jason has worked for me across 2 organizations prior to his departure overseas. I would highly recommend Jason as a diligent, focused and professional team member. In my experience Jason always delivers and is an honest and loyal member of the team. I would gladly at any time without hesitation employ Jason again, he will be an asset to any firm

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  2. Jason has helped me focus on longterm financial goals that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to put in place. His approach is very friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend his services.

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    I met Jason for a second opinion after meeting another financial advisor. Thankfully I did because his experience and knowledge helped me avoid a money pit. Thanks Jason

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    Jason is a key member of the board of trustees. He advised the board on the creation of our charitable objectives and the legal framework of the charity. He continues to monitor our activities and is responsible for the UK compliance and reporting to the Charities Commission and HMRC. Operating in the UAE, which I hear to be plagued with bad advisors Jason is a professional you can trust

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    Jason helped me with my equity portfolio before I moved to the US. I highly recommend Jason work and expertise.

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